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Open Communications International uses Barracuda Phone System to provide foreign-language
services and over-the-phone translation in both everyday and critical situations.

Designed to enable seamless voice and video communication, the Barracuda Phone System is an easy-to-use, affordable, next-generation phone system for businesses. Barracuda Phone System's enterprise-class feature set includes Voice over IP (VoIP) PBX services, conferencing, follow-me, automated attendant services, and more, controlled by an easy-to-use Web interface. Barracuda Phone System is compatible with any SIP device and provider, and can be pre-configured for use with both analog and digital telephone networks.

Powerful, Complete Solution

Powerful, Complete Solution

With an expansive feature set and and no per user or phone licensing fees, the Barracuda Phone System is equipped and priced for organizations of any size.

Native High Definition audio support and integrated phone line (TDM) hardware produces an unparalleled audio experience. VOIP encryption protects calls from hackers and digital eavesdroppers.

Barracuda Phone Great Technology

Great Technology Makes Great Businesses

In a quickly changing business climate, companies that aren’t using the latest technology get left behind. CudaTel delivers features that help your business operate more effciently, more effectively, and with less headache than a conventional phone system.

Step out of the overpriced, underpowered phone systems of the 1970s - at a price any business can afford.

Every feature on every Barracuda phone

Every Feature on Every Barracuda Phone System

You’ve bought a phone system - why should you pay more to use it? With a CudaTel Communication Server, you’ll never see per-user or per-feature fees. Do you need more conferences? Call queues? Adding more users or phones?

It’s all there straight out of the box, and you’ll never need to pay a penny more to use it.

On-board Voicemail Storage can archive years of audio, and solid-state boot disks assure that your phone system is always operational. Each model also comes complete with easy-to-use enterprise-class features such as call conferencing, queueing, and custom automated attendant creation.

Barracuda Phone System Real Time Statistics
With real-time statistics, utilization, updates, and user presence,
administrators are always aware of how systems are running.

Easy to Install, Use, and Maintain

System setup takes minutes, with streamlined, automated installation of phones and devices. Configuration is intuitive with a Web-based interface. Set up automated attendants, conferences, calling groups, queues, and telephone company integration, in minimal time. The Web-based user interface allows administrators to deploy phones automatically with native hardware provisioning.* Deploying a phone is as simple as plugging it into the network and picking a user and extension in the interface. The Barracuda Phone System can keep phones up to date by automatically downloading firmware and security updates and preparing the phones for upgrade as the administrator is ready. **

Setup is even easier if you have an existing user database: The Barracuda Phone System's Active Directory integration can quickly tie your phone system to your existing Windows or Novell user database. Automatically deploy phones and assign extensions by group or organizational unit.

*Optional Model Configuration
**Supported Phones Only