Barracuda ArchiveOne

Barracuda ArchiveOne

Secure Load Balancing & Application Delivery

Barracuda Backup is an affordable, integrated local and offsite data backup and disaster recovery solution. Barracuda Backup combines Barracuda Backup for rapid restoration on the local network with a cloud-based backup to two geographically dispersed data centers for redundancy.
Deployment options: Appliance, Virtual, Cloud-to-Cloud.

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Barracuda Backup safely maintains backup data offsite using efficient replication techniques designed by Barracuda Networks to conserve bandwidth and minimize the cost of disaster recovery.

The Barracuda Advantage

  • Manages data in place, with no need to archive first
  • Single solution covers multiple email sources
  • Improves performance and data backup times
  • Manages Exchange capacity and mailbox quotas
  • Enables email investigation, eDiscovery and eDisclosure
  • Seamless, unobtrusive end user experience

Product Spotlight

  • Integrated platform for archiving, compliance and search
  • Covers data in mailboxes, archives and PST files
  • Data compression and deduplication minimizes storage
  • Single search across live and archived data for files and email
  • Automatically enforces compliance with retention and deletion policies
  • Scales to tens of thousands of mailboxes, across multiple Exchange servers

Barracuda ArchiveOne Information

  • Simple and Flexible Design

    ArchiveOne gives your organization ownership and control over your data and offers a single solution for capacity management, regulatory compliance, data retention and eDiscovery.

    It is designed for today’s business environment where email data resides not just in Exchange or Office 365, but also in PST files on network file servers or end user devices, and where it is not feasible to archive all data before enforcing retention or searching messages. This “real world” approach of ArchiveOne separates it from the competition because it aligns with the needs of the business today and tomorrow.

    ArchiveOne seamlessly integrates with Outlook and Outlook Web Access (OWA) and the majority of customers are installed, configured and ready to archive in one day, in fact many refer to it as a “set and forget” solution. End users can access archived data from their desktops or mobile devices via an integrated web-based search portal – even when they are offine, offering a truly transparent end user experience.

    Simple and Scalable Architecture with Transparent Archiving of Files and Email

    • Integrates archiving, compliance policies, search and discovery in a single platform
    • Single search across live and archived data for files and email
    • Intuitive management console allows data to be managed by its business value
    • Scales to tens of thousands of mailboxes across multiple Exchange servers
    • Performance is improved and data backup time shortened
    • No change to the end user experience
  • Features

    Policy-based archiving

    Implement comprehensive policies to archive, preserve, collect or expire live, PST file and archived data for defensible information management.

    Search data wherever it resides

    Find and retrieve email data across your organization whether in live mailboxes, PST files, public folders or archived.

    Compliance Management

    Automatically maintain compliance and manage cost of archive by enforcing corporate retention and deletion policies.

    Journal archiving

    Capture and store email communications for some or all members of your business in a separate, secure repository.

    Discover and Preserve Data

    Identify, collect and enforce legal hold on relevant data, then review and present to meet regulatory or legal eDiscovery demands.

    PST Management

    Discover, centralize, migrate and eliminate PST data and control all corporate email centrally.

    Systematically discover PST files throughout the organization wherever they reside and automatically determine and assign the PST file owner.

    Centralize and manage PST files by copying or moving them to a central location. Eliminate them by selectively migrating data to on premise Exchange, Offce 365 or ArchiveOne, then automatically disconnecting and deleting the PST files.

    ArchiveOne Options

    ArchiveOne provides archiving and information management for email including PST files. For similar granular control over network files, ArchiveOne Files can be used in conjunction with ArchiveOne or as a standalone product.

    ArchiveOne Files

    Using the same policy-based approach, ArchiveOne Files offers reliable file archiving and management capabilities, solving data accumulation problems, delivering an immediate reduction in storage and improving performance.

    The software provides a seamless and completely transparent end-user experience requiring no desktop software to be installed on client systems. ArchiveOne Files is configured and controlled via a simple and intuitive management console, enabling administrators to define policies with a high degree of granularity and allowing them to determine exactly how they want to manage network files.

    ArchiveOne System Architecture

    ArchiveOne Server

    Central server application providing all email archive, search, retrieval and management operations

    ArchiveOne Quick Link Client

    End user application providing archive integration with Outlook ArchiveOne Quick Laptop Client

    Optional end user application providing offine access to archived email

    The Quick Link Client is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that allows users to retrieve mail from the archive. When a user double-clicks on an archived message, the message is retrieved from the Archive Server and displays in Outlook.

    ArchiveOne PST Processor

    Optional client or server application to discover and process PST files

    In addition to processing messages in mailboxes and public folders, ArchiveOne can process messages in Personal Storage (PST) files. This can be done against PSTs that are attached to a user's profile as well as PSTs that are uncoupled, that is, PSTs not connected to an Outlook profile, by specifying base directories in which to search.

  • Options

    ArchiveOne Files

    ArchiveOne Files delivers reliable file management and archiving capabilities. It also solves problems that are associated with accumulation of data and provides an immediate improvement in performance, and reduction in storage.

    Once you've installed Files on your server, the software provides a completely transparent seamless experience for your end-users and requires no desktop software to be installed on client systems.

    It allows your admin to define policies with a high degree of granularity to determine just how you'd like to manage your files. You control and configure ArchiveOne Files through an intuitive, simple console.

  • Solutions

    ArchiveOne in Education

    The Information Management solution provides a way to manage email retention and email for students and staff, in a straightforward way.

    The need to support two very different sets of users (students and staff) creates some unique challenges for Education. ArchiveOne information management solution gives you an easy way to manage email retention and email for both those groups in a way that (for the end user) is seamless, since end user training would prove impractical.

    ArchiveOne in Healthcare

    Because it's a very closely regulated industry, Healthcare's dependence on email has exponentially grown and along with it the absolute requirement to better control risk and manage email data.

    Few healthcare organizations are comfortable using purely cloud or hosted solutions, so the ArchiveOne hybrid as well as on-premise solutions give them the optimum mix of cost management and security.

    ArchiveOne in Insurance

    Email communication is at the heart of insurance claims and accountability, and wherever email is used within the Insurance segment, they need to be archived, captured, and readily available for subsequent searches. ArchiveOne’s information management solution is simple to deploy and easy to operate. Users who are remote are able to access email regardless of device, and through the same interfaces they use for Outlook email today.

    ArchiveOne in Government

    Government entities are required to operate with the utmost in transparency, even with extreme budget constraints - as a result of Freedom of Information laws.

    There are some significant challenges in the securing of information that the government faces - and which it must continually access to satisfy Freedom of Information requests. This problem is solved by ArchiveOne without requireing disruption of existing work or end user retraining.

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