Cloud Archiving Service

Cloud Archiving Service

Hosted Archiving and eDiscovery of Email

The Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service provides secure cloud-based archiving, enabling organizations to meet demanding compliance requirements and address eDiscovery requests easily and effectively.
Deployment options: SaaS.

Cloud Archiving Service Deployment

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Ideal for use with services such as Offce 365 and G Suite, it uses the Barracuda Cloud to store data for as long as needed without risk of amendment or deletion. End user productivity is increased due to accessibility to every message ever sent or received from any device.

Powerful, Complete Solution

  • Simple per user pricing with no additional charges
  • No hardware or software required
  • Automated setup for rapid implementation
  • Outlook Add-in for combined mailbox and archive search
  • Mobile apps for access from Android and iOS
  • Automated discovery and import of PSTs

Comprehensive Web Site Protection

  • Complete cloud-based archiving service
  • Preserves email in secure immutable storage
  • Granular retention, search, and legal hold
  • Role-based search to simplify eDiscovery
  • Comprehensive audit trail demonstrates compliance

Cloud Archiving Service Information

  • Cloud-based Archiving

    The Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service integrates with Offce 365, Exchange, and other email services to provide a complete cloud-based archive with no additional customer hardware or software required. A multi-functional add-in for Outlook, mobile apps for iOS and Android, and a dedicated web interface enable end users to retrieve and restore any message ever sent or received, even if deleted from the mail server.

    Demonstrate Compliance

    The Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service retains email outside the production environment in a dedicated and secure immutable store, with granular retention policies ensuring that original data is kept for as long as needed without risk of amendment or deletion. Role-based security controls ensure that only authorized personnel have access to data within the archive, while comprehensive audit trails make compliance easy to demonstrate.

    eDiscovery and Legal Hold

    The indexed archive provides iterative multilevel search and tagging capabilities, enabling the Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service to support complex audit and discovery exercises. Additionally, an intuitive role-based interface shortens the response time to find specific messages when needed. Selected data can be preserved on legal hold for as long as needed, and exported out when required for subsequent analysis or disclosure.

  • Cloud Archiving Service Features

    If you would like to speak to someone about getting this for your organization, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    100% Cloud

    Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service is completely cloud-based and has no software or hardware to be installed. It also has cost-effective per user pricing and that lets your organization buy only what you need.

    On-Premises and Cloud Email

    The Cloud Archiving Service effectively helps your organization with eDiscovery and compliance requests when used with Microsoft Officee 365, Microsoft Exchange, or other on-premises, hybrid or cloud. You also get productivity features like mobile apps for end users to search and retrieve email at any time from any device.

    Easy Web-based management

    From a simple web interface, Cloud Control Service lets you manage, configure and monitor your email security roles, backups and archive. It extends beyond just the Cloud Archiving Service to give you one console to manage all of your Barracuda products and services including any appliances which are on-premise.

    Powerful Searching

    Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service makes an archive that is indexed - in order to support extensive search, legal hold/export, auditing/permissions. That assista with retention and eDiscovery. These search capabilities are very easy to use, and go from a very basic search (like a misplaced email) to advanced Boolean search for handling an eDiscovery request.

    PST Management

    The Cloud Archiving Service comes with a full 90-day version of PST Enterprise. This migrates emails from all those disparate PST files, into your Office 365 mail store - and it does this automatically! PST Enterprise lets you discover PST files throughout your organization, determine / assign ownership of the files (even if it's password protected). You can also remove ownership of a file should the employee leave your organization. Data (once discovered) is able to be deleted / imported in place, by age, or migrated to the archive. Administrators can automatically delete PST files! Finally, once you've imported all the PST files, the Cloud Archiving Service can disable the ability for PSTs to be created.

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Cloud Archiving Service

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