Essentials for Email Security

Essentials for Email Security

Comprehensive Security and Data Protection for Email

Today’s IT professionals need an easy-to-manage and comprehensive email security and compliance solution. Barracuda Essentials for Email Security provides cloudbased advanced targeted attack protection, email continuity, encryption and data leakage protection, and archiving at an affordable price - no additional hardware or software required.

Barracuda Essentials for Email Security

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The Barracuda Advantage

  • Real-time detection for dynamic threat analysis with 24x7 updates and protection
  • Link protection deters targeted phishing and spear phishing attacks
  • Outlook plug-ins and mobile apps for easy user access
  • 100% cloud-based: No hardware or software required
  • Centralized cloud-based management console
  • Backed by Barracuda Central, with over 170,000 active sites reporting threat intelligence across all potential vectors

Product Spotlight

  • Delivered in SaaS model
  • Cloud-based email security with ATD, encryption, and DLP
  • Advanced Threat Detection to protect against targeted attacks
  • Cloud-based archiving for compliance and eDiscovery
  • PST Management for effciency and control*

Essentials for Email Security Information

  • Migrating your email to the cloud gives your organization the convenience of easy access to email and documents with reduced management overhead. However, trusting your most important data to the cloud raises new concerns about security, compliance and data protection.

    • How can you protect your organization's email against all of the threats that target you every day?
    • You need to demonstrate compliance and retention if all emails are stored in the same production environment
    • What about human-caused data loss?

    Comprehensive Email Threat Protection

    Today’s IT professionals need an easy-to-manage email security solution that protects against phishing, malware, and ransomware. Along with multi-layer email security, the Barracuda Email Security Service provides email continuity and data leakage prevention.

    Advanced Threat Detection is also included with Barracuda’s Email Security Service, which sandboxes suspicious email attachments and scans them for malware. Link Protection redirects suspicious and typosquatted URLs so malware is never inadvertently downloaded by recipients.

    Archiving for Compliance

    Barracuda Cloud Email Archiving Service integrates with Office 365 to create a cloud based, indexed archive allowing granular retention policies, extensive search, auditing/ permissions, legal hold, and export helping to facilitate eDiscovery and retention.

    Litigation holds preserve email from being tampered with until the litigation hold expires or is removed. Native and mobile apps provide intuitive interfaces that simplify search to ensure messages are found easily even when email services are unavailable.

    Business Continuity

    Barracuda Email Continuity ensures that email can still be delivered during email outages or loss of connectivity. Email operations continue by failing over to a cloud-based email service in the event primary email services become unavailable.

    During email server outages, an emergency mailbox allows users to continue sending, receiving, reading, and responding to email.

  • Features

    Email Security

    • Cloud-based protection against:
      • Spam
      • Email-borne viruses (inbound and outbound)
      • Email-based malware
      • Phishing emails
      • Undelivered emails
      • Unsecured emails
      • Denial-of-Service attacks
    • Advanced Threat Detection using fullsystem emulation sandbox
    • Agentless email encryption
    • Link and URL protection against typosquatting
    • Integrated end-user training and exercises to help idendify advanced threats.

    Web-based Management

    • Managed via Barracuda Cloud Control
    • Convenient configuration and management
    • Web-based management portal
    • LDAP and Multi-factor authentication
    • Centrally manage security policies
    • Access reports from any location
    • Mobile applications
    • Mixed-mode for managing existing Barracuda products


    • Archive directly from Exchange and cloud-based email services like Google Apps to cloud-based archive
    • PST management for legacy email
    • Granular retention policies
    • Native and mobile apps for easy access
    • Full text search with multiple operators
    • Legal hold

    PST Management

    • Locates PST files wherever they exist
    • Determines ownership intelligently based on content
    • Discovers all PST files regardless of location and state
    • Zero footprint client minimizes impact on end users
    • Parallel processing avoids throttling & improves performance
    • Minimizes network impact by migration directly to archive
    • Selective processing migrates only data that is needed


    • Failover to cloud-based email service to continue operations
    • Provides email continuity for up to 96 hours
    • Emergency mailbox allows users to send, receive, read, and respond to email

    Secure Cloud Data Centers

    • AES 256-bit encryption at rest and in transit
    • Public key cryptography (RSA 1024)
    • Isolated customer metadata databases
    • Redundant storage (geographic or within colo)
    • Data stored in-country (based on colo)
    • Tier 3 & 4 data centers
    • SSAE 16 or SOC audited data centers
  • Essentials for Email Security Editions

    Features Email Security Advanced Email Security Advanced Email Security and Compliance
    Price (minimum 25 users) $0.90 or less
    per user/month
    $1.70 or less
    per user/month
    $3.00 or less
    per user/month
    Description Email Security Adds Advanced Threat Detection Adds Cloud Archiving Service
    Essentials for Email Security
    Industry-leading spam filtering yes yes yes
    Virus protection using three layers of virus scanning and filtering yes yes yes
    Email-borne malware protection yes yes yes
    Outbound filtering to prevent spread of malware and viruses yes yes yes
    Data leak prevention to protect unauthorized disclosure of sensitive data yes yes yes
    Automatically encrypts emails based on their content, sender or recipient yes yes yes
    Cloud-based email encryption using Transport Layer Security (TLS) yes yes yes
    Centralized management of granular security policies yes yes yes
    Ensure email continuity with a 96-hour spool for undelivered emails yes yes yes
    Anti-phishing protection yes yes yes
    Integrated End-user Security Training yes yes yes
    Link protection (sandboxing suspicious and typosquated URLs) yes yes yes
    Advanced Threat Detection
    Protect against zero-hour, targeted attacks yes yes
    Protection against ransomware variants including Locky and CryptoLocker yes yes
    Real-time email attachments scans yes yes
    Sandboxing of attachments Optional at $1.30/user/month yes yes
    Cloud Archiving Service
    Archive messages, calendars, tasks, contacts and public folders yes
    Archive Skype for Business conversations yes
    Archive directly from Office 365 to cloud-based archive yes
    No hardware, software or agents required yes
    Automatic archiving of emails with granular retention policies yes
    Preserves emails in the secure Barracuda cloud yes
    Apply legal holds to emails yes
    Roles-based searching to simplify eDiscovery yes
    Full featured Outlook plug-ins and mobile apps for end user access yes
    No cost for data import or export yes
  • Essentials for Email Security Documentation


  • Office 365 already has security and archiving features. Why would I need additional protection?

    While it's true that some Office 365 plans include Exchange Online Protection and Compliance Centre, many organizations with a large amount of email find that the email security that's included with Office 365 can be difficult to manage, and also that it doesn't have the level of granularity in it's controls that they used to have when their email was on premises.

    Barracuda Essentials adds retention of important email (as well as archiving and capabilities of eDiscovery) to Office 365. Many organizations find the preservation of email in Office 365 is rather basic and when a firm could potentially face any kind of regulations or legal challenges, that it doesn't quite meet their needs.

    Sadly, many organizations realize too late, that their information could be lost as a result of issues that don't involve the Microsoft cloud. Barracuda Essentials gives your firm cloud-to-cloud backup of files and emails to OneDrive for Business, the Barracuda Cloud or your on-premises server. It's never a good idea to keep all your email in a single database or location with no backup / disaster recovery plan.

    What does Barracuda add to my Office 365 subscription?

    Essentials for Office 365 makes your Office 365 implementation easier to manage, and gives your organization an extra level of protection from data loss

    • Enhanced Email Security. Email security service provides your organization an enhanced protection from malware and viruses, in addition to spam blocking. Barracuda also adds some powerful outbound email filters that stop important data from leaving your organization. Added to that, is an additional layer of security from email encryption.
    • Cloud Archiving Service. Barracuda Essentials is able to use the journaling feature of Office 365 to make sure that all emails which are archived are able to be searched easily.
    • Streamlined Backup and Recovery. You get unlimited backup of your files and emails - and the process for recovering them is way more fast and simple than the typical Office 365 process.

    How does Barracuda’s Email Security differ from Exchange Online Protection?

    Barracuda Essentials provides additional layers of security to catch malware and phishing attempts which elude basic Exchange Online Protection. Barracuda Essentials also includes a number of features that are optional with Exchange Online Protection: advanced threat detection, anti-typosquatting protection, link protection and email encryption.

    My Office 365 subscription includes Compliance Center (includes archiving and eDiscovery) why do I need another archive?

    Barracuda takes an alternative approach, by capturing a single immutable copy of every email. It minimizes risk by storing this copy outside the production email environment in a separate secure archive repository in the Barracuda Cloud. This straightforward approach ensures that original email data will be stored securely for as long as needed without risk of corruption or deletion. Compliance is easy to demonstrate, and end users can have read only access to search and retrieve email themselves at any time from any device.

    My data is protected by Microsoft in their data centers. I didn’t think I would need to provide backup and recovery services anymore.

    Its not unusual for employees to delete data only to realize later that they still need it! You're able to recover deleted items within Exchange Online and OneDrive for Business, but many find that the retention is often inadequate. When you use Barracuda’s Cloud-to-Cloud Backup for Office 365, you eliminate the risk of items lost due to accidental deletion, and you also retain files and emails indefinitely.

    Advanced threat detection for Office 365 users - Important?

    The basic built-in Office 365 email protection that's included focuses on spam and viruses - but isn't able to detect or stop phishing attempts, zero-day attacks, and sophisticated malware threats. Barracuda Essentials uses the Cloud to place a protective barrier and secure “sandboxes” between the user’s Office 365 environment and any email attachments or links that are determined to be suspicious in nature.

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