Hardware Refresh Program

Hardware Refresh Program

Replace Aging Barracuda Hardware Units with New Refresh Units at a Discount

Barracuda Networks has created the Barracuda Hardware Refresh Program. Because components such as hard drives and fans limit the lifespan of network hardware and as engineers continually introduce new technology into networking products, many of our customers have policies to refresh their hardware at intervals that ensure reliability and stateof-the-art performance.

We recommend that our customers refresh their Barracuda hardware appliances every three to five years. The Barracuda Hardware Refresh Program makes it easier and more affordable than ever for our customers to refresh their Barracuda hardware appliances.

The Barracuda Hardware Refresh Program lets existing Barracuda hardware appliance customers replace aging Barracuda hardware units with new refresh units at a discount.

With this program:

  • New hardware refresh units can be purchased at a fee on promise of returning the old hardware unit to Barracuda Networks. The fee represents a discount over the list price of a new unit
  • Customers may retain the old hardware unit for 30 days to migrate settings and data 1
  • All residual Energize Updates and Instant Replacement subscriptions transfer from the old unit to the new unit

The Barracuda Hardware Refresh Program is available for all Barracuda Networks hardware appliances with active Energize Updates subscriptions, including the Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall, Barracuda Web Filter, Barracuda Link Balancer, Barracuda Load Balancer, Barracuda Message Archiver, Barracuda Web Application Firewall, Barracuda Phone System, Barracuda SSL VPN, Barracuda Backup Server and the Barracuda NG Firewall.

1 Customers who fail to return their old unit within 30 days will be invoiced at full list price.


  • Customers who have owned their products for over four years with active Instant Replacement subscriptions can trade in their old models and receive their new models at no added cost for the new unit.
  • Newer customers who have Instant Replacement subscriptions can trade in their old hardware unit and purchase the new model at a discounted fee. The balance of their Instant Replacement and Energize Updates transfers to the new model.
  • Customers who have an active Energize Updates subscription on the old unit, but no Instant Replacement, will receive a limited Instant Replacement subscription that lasts until the next Energize Update subscription anniversary date on the old hardware - and they receive a new unit at a discount.
  • Customers can keep the old unit for up to 30 days to conveniently migrate settings and data to the new unit before they must return the old unit to Barracuda.

Barracuda customers who have active Energize Update subscriptions on their current unit can purchase discounted hardware-refresh units from any authorized Barracuda Networks reseller.

You will have to provide both the serial number and default domain from your unit to verify program eligibility. Once Barracuda Networks confirms eligibility, you will be issued a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number for your old unit and a new unit will be shipped to you. You will have up to 30 days to migrate configuration settings from your old unit to your new unit before returning the unit to Barracuda Networks.

Not returning the unit to Barracuda Networks within 30 days disqualifies Hardware Refresh program eligibility and will result in invoicing the full list price of the hardware unit rather than the discounted hardware refresh cost.

Regarding Shipping to Canadian Addresses

Any Hardware Refresh products destined for Canadian addresses will arrive at Optrics Engineering in Edmonton, Alberta first.

Our shipping staff will contact you to confirm shipping charge within Canada.