Web Security Service

Web Security Service

Making Web Browsing Safe

Today’s connected business needs a fast, easy way to employ robust web security and policy enforcement. Barracuda Web Security Service leverages the elasticity of the cloud to ensure quick, easy deployment, seamless scalability, and reliable security.
Deployment options: SaaS.

Web Security Gateway

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How Are You Monitoring the Web Surfing Habits of Your Staff?

Increasingly, it is becoming more important for organizations to have the ability to filter web content so that they can respect their employee's personal interests while decreasing the following risks to their organization:

The Barracuda Advantage

  • Regulate Web 2.0 activity
  • Real-time definition updates for fast response to zero-hour threats
  • Data centers located around the world
  • Pay as you go; simple scalability
  • Unlimited remote-filtering agents

Product Spotlight

  • Predefined content-filtering categories
  • ranular, user-aware policies
  • Detailed, real-time visibility
  • Integrated malware and virus protection
  • Protection for off-network laptops and mobile devices

Web Security Service Information

  • Advances in social networking like Facebook, Web applications like Twitter, and commerce sites like Craigslist and eBay present new security challenges to protecting users while interacting online. Barracuda Networks brings security and trust back to these platforms with Barracuda Web Security Service, a SaaS-based secure Web gateway, protects users from malware, phishing, identity theft and other harmful activity online. It sits between your organization’s network and the Internet to protect your users as they conduct business-critical activities on the Web.

    Advanced Real-Time Threat Protection

    Barracuda Web Security Service integrates multiple layers of advanced threat protection to provide real-time defenses against a quickly evolving threat landscape. The service combines industry-leading anti-virus signatures that are updated continuously to provide a rapid response to new and known security threats. Using string scanning and advanced heuristic technology, unknown Web-based viruses and spyware are blocked before gaining access to the network. AJAX-aware analysis detects malicious Web applications and script-based attacks, while HTTP-focused behavior analysis and intrusion detection identify and block botnet communication, spyware and rogue anti-virus.

    Easy Administration, Flexible Deployment

    Web Security Service offers flexible deployment options to protect users online, no matter where they are or how they access the Web. Administrators manage and monitor the service using an intuitive Web-based interface that includes predefined security policies and a comprehensive set of security, compliance and usage reports. Additionally, the dashboard offers hyperlinked drill downs for more granular data. Deployment options range from simply con.guring a Web browser to more advanced configurations using transparent proxy, remote agent software or virtual adapters.


    Barracuda Web Security Service Architecture

    Security Beyond Boundaries

    Enforcing access policies on remote and mobile devices that are used off-network is critical for preventing malware intrusions into the network, and for preventing data loss. The Barracuda Web Security Service includes unlimited licenses for agents and tools that ensure users and devices are protected whether they are on the network or at a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

  • Features

    Virus and Malware Protection

    • Signature-based antivirus detection
    • Heuristic malware analysis
    • Real-time script interpreting and AJAX analysis
    • Monitors HTTP traffc for bot signatures
    • Threat intelligence detection of botnets, exploit kits, and rogue antivirus

    Application Control

    • Control and reporting of more than 50 web-based applications
    • Communications and instant messaging clients
    • Peer-to-peer/file-sharing software
    • Streaming media
    • Control of various browsers

    Deployment Options

    • Cloud filtering via direct proxy or transparent forwarding
    • Barracuda Safe Browser: enforced policy control and protection for for iOS
    • Barracuda Web Security Agent: enforced policy control and protection for Windows and Mac laptop and desktop computers
    • Barracuda Web Security Service for ISA Server: add-in for seamless integration with Microsoft ISA Server


    Barracuda Web Security Service Deployment

    Windows and Mac laptop and desktop computers

    • Barracuda Web Security Service for ISA Server: add-in for seamless integration with Microsoft ISA Server

    Enterprise Integration

    • Integrated authentication and group lookup
    • Transparent user identification
    • Role-based administration
    • Directory service integration with Active Directory and LDAP
    • Automated or manual directory upload
    • Multiple proxy configurations: direct/explicit or transparent
    • WCCP and policy-based routing

    Barracuda Web Security Agent for Windows and Mac

    • Enforces policy and security protection through the service
    • Tamper-resistant to prevent user bypass or reconfiguration
    • Silent install for enterprise deployment
    • Supports policies based on users and groups

    The Barracuda Safe Browser for iOS

    • Enforces policy and security protection through the service
    • Easy-to-use tabbed browsing
    • Centrally managed bookmarks
    • Twitter and email link sharing
    • Location tracking for devices
    • Printing support for AirPrint printers

    URL and Content Filtering

    • Real-time page content analysis and reputation scoring
    • 95 categories organized in seven supercategories
    • Whitelist and blacklist by domain
    • File type/extension and web content type filtering

    Web Acceleration

    • Collaborative caching for accelerated content delivery
    • Local object caching for local bandwidth savings

    Policy Management

    • Rules apply globally or to users, groups, or IP addresses
    • Complex rules combining multiple restriction and exception types
    • User-controlled rule execution order
    • Customizable block pages and alerts
    • Blocking override by password
    • Establish usage thresholds by schedule, bandwidth, requests, or browsing time
    • Coaching, or soft blocking, to warn users


    • Comprehensive web-based reporting across entire organization
    • Graphical dashboard summary
    • Customizable summary and detailed reports
    • Immediate interactive reports or scheduled delivery
    • User-based browsing time reports
    • Real-time, interactive forensics log reporting
    • Exportable to PDF, XML, or CSV
    • Drill-down reporting to navigate to more detail
  • Web Security Service Documentation


  • FAQs

    What is Barracuda Web Security Service?

    It's a cloud based service providing high performance web filtering, starting with a hugely scalable SaaS cloud platform with customers in 50 countries. It also offers optional software agents and gateway appliances.

    Deployment options like these allow for centrally managed web filtering, which is able to be very precisely configured with a wide range of requirements - filtering all your web user's machines, regardless of where they're located.

    How should I deploy the Barracuda Web Security Service?

    Filtering in the cloud proxies your web traffic to the cloud. It's accomplished by using proxy settings in your browsers, or by forwarding traffic from any firewall or proxy that's able to be forwarded to a proxy upstream.

    Web Security Agents: Lightweight and tamper-proof client software which enforce both security policies, and access on all web traffic from remote desktops and laptops through the cloud web filtering service.

    The Web Security Service Connector: Optional onsite gateway appliances which integrate with directory services to define web filtering policies for local groups and locations. These gateways also locally cache web content to save bandwidth and boost network performance. Your admins manage cloud services and gateways transparently via the same cloud interface. The Barracuda Web Security Service Connector is available as virtual or physical appliances.

    How do I create a web policy enforceable across all locations and users?

    Your deployment might (for example) involve a gateway appliance at your headquarters and make use of cloud filtering to proxy the traffic from your satellite locations, using web security agents to filter your mobile web users. Just log into your cloud portal and configure a rule. Barracuda Web Security Service automatically propagates the rule to the cloud service, the gateway and agents.

    What types of policies does the Barracuda Web Security Service Provide?

    This cloud service provides advanced application control and URL filtering over VoIP, streaming media, P2P sharing and Instant Messaging. Barracuda Web Security Service delivers advanced features for policy management like data loss prevention, bandwidth and time restrictions, access control over file types as well as 97 content types.

    Can I create user and group-specific policies?

    Yes. Barracuda Web Security Service alows your admins to customize policies for groups, IP address ranges and specific users in your organization. Administrators also can establish use thresholds by bandwidth, browsing time, schedule and requests.

    How do I report on distributed locations and users?

    Data from the cloud filter is transparently aggregated by the Web Security SErvice, as well as any optional agents and gateways that are in use for streamlined centralized reporting. Your administrators are able to generate detailed real-time reports on all aspects of Internet use and can also schedule them for automatic delivery with no database administration needed.

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Web Security Gateway

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